Membership Benefits

  • Engage with the community:  CTS provides a great platform to connect and collaborate with the community, offer services to the ones who are in need, benefit your career prospects, establish new contacts & friendships and offer lots of opportunities to improve social skills.
  • Competitions and Events: Many member-exclusive events and competitions are conducted year along for all age groups to showcase your talents.
  • Free/discounted entry for on-site events: Enjoy free entry or discounted entry fees to events conducted year along.
  • Tamil school fee discount: Get discounted fee for Columbus Tamil School admission.
  • Merchant discounts: Enjoy member-exclusive benefits from various merchants across Columbus area.

Terms and Conditions

  • Age between 5 and 12 years will be considered as Child.
  • Age 13 yrs. and above will be considered as Adult.
  • Membership is for the calendar year - January to December.
  • Membership is non-transferable and non-refundable.
  • Family Membership is purchased for (includes) married couple with their children (18 and below) along with the couple's parents. Couple's parents are considered in this category only when they visit the family.
  • CTS may provide additional benefits or discounts through CTS Partners time to time. CTS will not be responsible for partner benefits, CTS Partners changes or cancels it.